Bringing the latest innovations to market.
Decades of seafood experience and a strong culinary expertise have led us to a unique position to impact the plant-based seafood industry. Driven by innovation, alternative protein technology and expertise, our applications span a wide space that are in varying stages of development. We have focused our internal efforts on plant-based proteins, such as alternative seafood and meats, while exploring emerging areas (insect proteins, lab-grown meats, etc.) through collaboration and/ or investments in startups.
plant-based seafood
As respected OEM partner,
we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality processed plant-based products that are safe, wholesome, and achieve excellent customer satisfaction. Our assurance is that Thai Union’s supply chain ecosystem supports the continuity of the businesses from sourcing to manufacturing to logistics in order to deliver safe and quality products to our partners around the world. The flexibility and high standard of quality make our plant-based seafood outstanding in the industry.
100% meat-free
Sustainably sourced
Co-created to fit your requirement
The classic staple food in every household with distinctive texture and flavor that you don’t even notice that they are plant-based. Hero ingredients for flaky tuna are not limited, nutritious sources of protein such as soy, wheat, and pea. Plus, our collaboration with unique flavor houses allows endless flavors – brine, oil, lemon and pepper, mayonnaise, chilli and garlic, tomato and basil, or even individually customization. Our plant-based tuna is available for various applications from tins to pouches or else? You decide!
Meet our selection of plant-based seafood – as a single seafood ingredient (i.e., shrimp and more), as a seafood solution (i.e., crab patty, fish nugget, shrimp bite, and more). Through a wide range of culinary options, our plant-based seafood is ready-to-cook and plated on your favorite dishes. We are combining innovation and eco-friendly ways of processing to ensure nutritional contents – high protein level and rich in micro-nutrient, while saving the planet.